Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dance Company Tryouts 2012

The tryouts this year were special. Never in tryouts have I ever seen a more unified, unselfish, happy group of girls and guys. 

I wish I could take every person that tried out but due to our limited space we can only accommodate a limited amount of dancers. I want to personally thank each one of you for trying out. Every one of you are a better dancer for what you have done this week. 

Tomorrow each of you will be receiving a letter from the front office from me thanking you for your awesome effort and talent.  I came to care for and appreciate each one of you so quickly. I can't emphasize that enough.  I hope to see you continue to dance and improve your skills and I look forward to seeing you this next year. 


1- Gabi Alger
2-Samantha Barnette
3- Alissa Bloxham
4- Amanda Bloxham
5- Jamie Bonzo
6- Lauren Bradshaw
7- Savannah Brown
8- Allison Callahan
9- Indiana Dalton
10- Camry Derrick
11- Ariel Haycock
12- Emily Hillstead
13- Kennedy Hyde
14- Tia Langston
15- Allison Madsen
16- Makelle Mooring
17- Geoff Rosenberg
18- Daeja Sagendorf
19- Audrey Sherman
20- Aubree Sorenson
21- Marissa Tadd
22- Teisha Truman
23- Mckinnlei Wamsley

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