Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dance Company Summer Info

Dancers and Parents-  

I know you are waiting with bells and whistles to hear about the upcoming month for dance company and getting info on the workshop. You have not waited in vain. Here it is. I have an update for you.

We now have a key and access to the dance room for the summer and we have decided it would be very important for us to start conditioning and preparing for the upcoming year. We understand that the dancers will go on vacation at different times this summer and so we want to start conditioning as early as possible to prepare everyone as much as we can.  

We will start summer conditioning and practices on Monday June 4th. We want to meet every M W F from 8-10am to get a jumpstart on our dances. These practices will be a great way to get to know each other and solidify dances so that we can have the best year ever. It will also help us in organizing the year, fund raisers, and costumes.
I can't wait to get started. It will be a fantastic summer! 

We have a dance company party out on Sand Hollow Lake June 15th (The day before the workshop).  Instead of practice on Friday we will meet at the school and head up to the lake for the morning to have a potluck breakfast and fun day on the lake with boats.  We have some great parents helping and would love to have more. Especially if you have a boat or canopy. Just call me. Steve Ord (801-360-0140).

Remember that to pay your dance company dues then you mail in your $300 to SCHS but the workshop you will pay separately. Follow the instructions below.

Finally, Here is the information on how to sign up for the SO YOU THINK YOU DANCE WORKSHOP JUNE 16th, 2012:This is the email I got from Tami, the director of Dancelinks:

There are two different ways that you can get the discount for your group.

The first is just to follow this link and it will take them right to the registration page and activates the discount coupon for them

The second is to go to www.dancelink.net
Click on Workshops
Click on the tWitch, Allison Ivan Workshop
Fill out the registration information
Add on observer bands or lunches if needed
Click add to cart
Click on coupon
Put “snowcanyon” all lower case and no space and it will take $20 off the price!
If you have any questions or problems please give me a call!  I look forward to meeting all of you!!!
Thanks so much for your support!

Note from Mr. Ord: I didn't talk to you guys about buying their lunches. You don't have to. You can bring your own from home if you would like. 

Alright Snow Canyon Dance Company!!! Let's get ready to get in shape and have a great summer! I will hopefully see you all on Monday June 4th! Meet at the Dance Company Room in the high school. Bring any papers you haven't turned in yet. :)
Let's DANCE!!!!
- Mr. Ord
-Also we would like everyone to join the Facebook club SNOW CANYON DANCE COMPANY. Invite the girls on the team to join!


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